Thandie Newton covers The Edit Magazine

Thandie Newton is dapper in a suit on the cover of The Edit’s latest issue! The 44-year old actress talked to the magazine about how she feels about women shaming, why it’s important to explain sex to your kids and more.

The Westworld star also opened up about the fact that she told her kids that she was sexually abused.

See excerpts below.

On explaining sex to her kids: “I said, ‘Daddy has a beautiful p*nis, which enters Mama, and these two precious parts of us join together…’ A few days later, Ripley came home from school, saying, ‘Mummy, I had to tell Don he was wrong today. Don said sex is when a man makes his willy go really hard and then beats the woman with it’… Lucky I got to her first.”

On telling her kids she was sexually abused: “I told them that the first time I ever had any sexual encounter, it was abuse. Eventually, my 12-year-old stopped me and said, ‘Mum, don’t worry. I am way cooler than you were at my age.’”

On shaming other women: “Do you know what we need? A word, like misogyny, but for women who despise other women: Femishame?”

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