House Republicans Pass Bill to Repeal and Replace ObamaCare; Joe Biden, John Legend, Katy Perry, Bernie Sanders & More React

Celebrities like John Legend, Kathy Griffin, Katy Perry and more have taken to social media to react to President Donald Trump’s proposed TrumpCare bill, which will replace ObamaCare.

The House had on Thursday, passed the bill which will now go to Senate for deliberation.

There are many new clauses within TrumpCare, for example, pre-existing conditions under TrumpCare would include rape, surviving domestic violence, having a Caesarian section, and postpartum depression. Planned Parenthood would be defunded. Members of Congress could also choose to be exempt from AHCA, which is considered a major loophole.

See their reactions below:

House Minority Leader, Democratic Nancy Pelosi, said on Thursday at a press conference: “This disastrous bill has been condemned by almost everyone.”

“This is a scar that they will carry,” Pelosi said of House Republicans who voted for the plan.

She said the latest version is “worse” than the original and rejected claims that it would protect those with pre-existing conditions.

The health care vote was scheduled after the White House and congressional leaders flood rank-and-file holdouts with pressure in recent days and claimed they had the votes to prevail.

But in the Senate, some Republicans consider the House measure too harsh.

The bill would eliminate tax penalties of Obama’s law which has clamped down on people who don’t buy coverage and it erases tax increases in the Affordable Care Act on higher-earning people and the health industry.

It cuts the Medicaid programme for low-income people and lets states impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients.

It transforms Obama’s subsidies for millions buying insurance, largely based on people’s incomes and premium costs, into tax credits that rise with consumers’ ages.

The measure would retain Obama’s requirement that family policies cover grown children until age 26.


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