ISIS storm Philippines resort popular with Westerners

Dozens of people are feared injured after ISIS gunmen opened fire at a hotel resort near Manila airport.

The shooting started at the popular Resorts World Manila in Pasay City, Philippines at about midnight local time and terrified witnesses described a ‘two hour’ onslaught of gunfire.

Explosions were also heard coming from the tourist hotpot and bloodied victims were seen being stretchered out of the building.

At least one masked gunman reportedly stormed the second floor of one of the complex’s four hotels and fired at guests and staff.

Other witnesses reported ‘armed masked men’ in the building’s casino. Footage, posted on social media, shows guests fleeing as gunshots ring out across the resort.

ISIS have claimed responsibility for the attack.

Kara Verano filmed people running and described a ‘teargas burning’ substance in the air as she and her friends hid in a ‘restaurant storeroom’.

Writing on Facebook she said: ‘We were just eating at Bulgogi when we heard gunshots other customers said that there were men coming out of the casino wearing masks and armed.

‘We got stuck in the restaurant’s storage room for almost two hours with continuous gunshots coming from outside and smell something is burning.. I wasn’t sure if it was a teargas or something is actually burning.. it was as if impossible to breakout.’

Kentron Lopez, who works in the resort, described people jumping from escalators as they tried to escape.

Writing on social media, he said: ‘Some jumped out from escalators and the second floor to get out.

‘We were few of the remaining people who [got] out of the vicinity. I can only imagine how the rest felt.’



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