How listening to Bruno Mars can help you solve problems

Next time you reach a creative block, you might want to play some Bruno Mars, according to a new study.

Researchers found that upbeat songs can help you to come up with original and useful solutions to tasks by making you see things from a different perspective.

The findings suggest that listening to happy music could promote creative thinking in school, workplaces and other organisational settings.

Simone Ritter from Radboud University, the Netherlands and Sam Ferguson from the University of Technology Sydney, Australia, found that listening to happy music facilitates more divergent creative thinking, or thinking outside the box, compared to silence.

They defined happy music as classical music that has a positive valence, provoking emotions like joy rather than anger or fear, as well as prompting alert, awake, and attentive behaviour.

In this case, they used Antonio Vivaldi’s Spring, from the Four Seasons.

The experts believe that variables within happy music may enhance flexibility in thinking.

This means additional solutions might be considered by the participant that may not have occurred to them as readily if they were performing the task in silence.

Dr Simone Ritter, co-author of the study, said: ‘Creativity is one of the most important cognitive skills in our complex, fast-changing world.

‘In the past decades, various techniques to enhance creative thinking have been developed and tested.

‘However, many of the currently available creativity enhancement techniques have to be trained and explicitly communicated, which can be time and cost intensive.

‘Employing music listening as a means to stimulate creativity has yet, remained relatively unexplored-despites earlier scientific studies demonstrating a beneficial effect of music on human thinking.’

Source: Daily Mail


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