‘He hugged me but lay in my breasts inappropriately’: Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams has revealed that she was groped on her live television show.

The talkshow host, 53, didn’t name a culprit but described the incident to her audience on Tuesday.

She said: ‘My worst guest? I’m not going to name. But I can tell you this – it had to do with some groping.’

Explaining what happened, she said: ‘I hug my guests. He hugged me but lay in my breasts inappropriately and I didn’t know what to do because I am brand new on TV, whereas now, I would definitely push somebody through a glass coffee table.’

‘After the hug, he looked up at me and he goes, “Oh! You’re not Oprah!” ‘

Addressing her audience, she added: ‘You all saw it and didn’t say a word. And I felt it and I didn’t say a word.

‘My staff saw it and that guest will never be here anymore. He’s not relevant anymore.’

The audience cheered and clapped in response to Williams’ revelation.

Viewers immediately speculated that she was referring to comedian Gilbert Gottfried.

One shared an image of the 62-year-old resting his head in her breasts while greeting her on her show in 2011.

Gottfried told Inside Edition that he didn’t remember the details of what happened and that he wasn’t aware of being banned from the show.


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