Mama Taraba vows to shock APC

Still outraged by the All Progressive Congress (APC) resolve to disqualify her from Taraba State Governorship race,  Senator Aisha Alhassan has sworn to prove the ruling party wrong in next year’s elections.
A former Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development, Alhassan, a.k.a. “Mama Taraba’’, as well as her erstwhile counterpart in the Ministry of Communications, Mr Adebayo Shittu, were disqualified by the APC election Screening Committee before the just concluded primaries.
This prompted her to switch to the United Democratic Party (UDP) to realize her ambition of becoming the state’s governor.
According to Alhassan, she now has more followers in UDP than before because of the injustice that was done to her by APC, saying what APC did had turned out to be a blessing.
“APC is just like a platform like any other political party, you can win the election on any platform as long as you have people from the grassroots and you have the structure.
“It is just the name of our platform that is changed. As far as we are concerned, the followership is still intact. In fact, we have more followership now.
“Because of the injustice done to me by the APC, we have a lot of sympathies now.
“The request for the UDP membership card now is overwhelming. I have told them to get a big hardcover notebook and just be writing the names.
“So far we have printed 120, 000 membership cards within two weeks. People are still asking for more.’’
She assured the party leadership that there was nothing to be afraid of about the coming elections in Taraba, saying UDP is well rooted.
Alhassan said that all her followers, supporters and key stakeholders left the APC to join her in UDP.
“All of us that nurtured the APC to where it was two weeks ago when we moved, completely left the party to the UDP.
“The executives and all that matter moved. The party has no structure any longer in Taraba.’’
The former minister said that if elected governor, she would promote peaceful co-existence among the people, just leadership and adequate security, saying without peace and security there would be no development.

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